baby photography

We are devoted to the fine art. We believe in photographing your baby in a way that inspires. that speaks. that moves. Timeless. Classic. And heirloom worthy. We’re a full service Portrait studio for that reason. We believe in heirlooms. Portraits that will last a lifetime. Art for your walls. See how our clients are decorating their home with their baby photography on our Design and Installation Page.

A baby changes so much during the first year and there are so many sweet milestones to capture.  Here are some of our favorite tips on when you should have baby photography with Shuman Fine Art Photography:

  • Newborn– The first 2 weeks are ones that seem to go by in a blur. Between the sleepless nights and the constant feedings we often forget those first few weeks.
  • Sitting up- One of our favorite baby photography sessions! Baby is full of laughter, smiles, chubby baby rolls, and a budding personality. Sessions are easy and fast!
  • One year/Happy Birthday- At one year baby now may be walking, pulling up, crawling, and maybe eating a birthday cake too!

Find out more about our New Beginnings Baby Plan that includes your newborn, sitting up, and one year session during your baby’s first year! We offer a 3 session plan with an optional maternity session add-on.