At Alexis’ consultation she explained to us that she didn’t want to go to downtown Savannah. She wanted something different for her senior photos but still just as beautiful. We agreed that that wasn’t her style or thing, so we brainstormed. She loved the idea of an old abandoned home and black and whites. And of course we jumped on that right away. The very next to last image in this post is what Alexis and her mom decided on for a wall portrait. We couldn’t have been more thrilled for them to pick that one since it was one of our favorites. It turned out amazing framed especially in the choice they chose for their framing as well.

We also love her silo images! I mean hello, doesn’t it remind you of Joanna Gaines’ silos??? Yes, please! This location was a spur of the moment, let’s turn around, and go back kind of decision. When we jumped out the car, we got that are sure about this look. We were sure! It’s amazing what a dumpy old place can look like with a little vision and a fun girl to photograph!

Take a look below at Alexis’ senior portraits!


senior picshigh school senior picprofessional senior photographer photos of high school senior photo session senior photographer in savannah, gahigh school senior 2018 pictures
Senior Photo session in black and white

I’ve been thinking about this sweet newborn session, since this little guy is fixing to be in the studio again for his 6 month session. I love how our clients feel like family. We only just met them right before this little one was born, but it feels like we have been friends forever. We can’t wait to snuggle on these babies once more!

baby and family photographer at shuman fine art photographydaddy with baby at shuman fine art photographyone year old baby portrait at shuman fine art photographyshuman fine art photography baby portraitnewborn baby photography with baby sistersleepy newborn baby boy and mom and dad

I don’t know if we could honestly choose a certain time of the year that Savannah is more pretty, (I MEAN c’mon) but Spring sure does put a good run in for it. Drooping moss, blooming azaleas, late spring hydrangeas (oh my FAVORITE), sun drenched oaks, and pastels. It’s time for good weather, sandals, AND spring portraits. Here’s a few of our favorites from last year! Also, if you would like more information on our Spring Dates and what it includes please fill out the form at the bottom of this post and you’ll get the info asap in your inbox! These sessions will go VERY fast! So make sure your on our list to call on Friday when the dates go live. It will be a first come, first serve basis.



Friday, March 3rd: 4:15 pm and 5:15 pm

Saturday, March 18th: 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm

Friday March 24th: 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm

savannah, ga easter photo sessions

children photographer savannah gaspring photography session
spring pictures of savannah, ga
isle of hope spring pictures
children photographer loving on baby

maternity photographer in savannah ga

If we can be honest, black and whites are our favorite here in the studio.  In fact if I’m really honest, in my own home, I don’t have even have a single color image of us on the wall. *GASP* But you say, “The color is so pretty and dreamy,” and while that may be true, I’m an old school classic girl at heart.  Here’s a short list of why we think Black and Whites are ESSENTIAL to your wall galleries.

  1. Black and whites are known for Emotion. With color gone, it’s purely about the emotion being conveyed in an image. And if your anything like me, I want to forever remember those sweet snuggles and giggles of my baby because it went by ENTIRELY in a flash. Some days, I don’t even remember what it was like holding a teeny tiny baby in the NICU. But the images I have of him and I there are actually quite tear, jerkingly, beautiful, even though it was rough time for our family. Black and whites hold laughter and tears and love so very well. And it’s one of my very favorite reasons why I love them so much.  black and white newborn detailsfamily photographbrother, dad, and sister with newborn baby in black and whitemom and baby black and white photograph2. Black and whites reduce the image into the essence of what’s really going on. While color can be so beautiful and certainly intoxicating, black and white images drastically get straight to the point (hello black and white thinkers these are your images!). There’s nothing to distract and nothing to compete. Just simple pure goodness in your face. Black and whites emphasize the subject(s) on a wider scale. One year old in photography studioOne year old baby in photography studio in savannah, gaFamily laughing in downtown savannah photographdowntown savannah sisters in black and whitebeautiful eyes in black and whitebelly button in black and white3. Black and Whites are time honored. While trends come and go, black and whites hold true. And it’s because they just never get old. No matter what year it is, black and whites stay classic. And that’s one of our favorite words. We adore images and art that can stand stunning on your walls for generations. So that sweater you insisted on wearing in 2002 isn’t going to be so awful years down the road. Whew! Tragedy avoided. (Also, on children, we’re a big fan of traditional clothing like our friends at Feltman Brothers produce. They’ve been in business for over a 100 years now and they STILL make some of the same outfits they did 5o years ago….time honored for sure. You can purchase locally from Sara Jane’s Children’s Boutique on Abercorn and 37th.)one year old baby in feltman brothers dress
    Black and white photograph in downtown savannah, ga with little girl Extended family photo in black and white in savannah, ga3 month old family photoTybee Island family photographBeaufort Bonnet Baby in black and whiteLittle girl on Isle of Hope in black and whitegrandma and child black and white photographblack and white newborn photograph4. I love that black and whites can hide the not so perfect. Like the image of me holding Woods in the NICU. We were certainly not dressed for the occasion nor was the lighting ideal by any means, but a simple conversion to black and white makes all the difference. Eliminating the distractions of a polar bear sleeper the precious NICU nurses had put him in and drawing your eye straight to that mama snuggle. Looking at the image brings back so many memories for myself of how I felt in those days, and I can see it all over my face. And to be quite honest, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I really loved those images taken there. I’m so overjoyed we have them now. Candler Special Care Nurserynewborn family photography5. And Black and whites don’t always have to be all black and white. We’re also a big fan of warm black and whites around here. It seems like in these next 5 images they could easily been taken now or in 1957. I mean whichever.
    One year old and her dogclaxton photograph with girl in black and whiteSavannah quarters country club boy on golf course in black and whiteAre you a fan yet? We certainly hope you are because we don’t think it gets any better than this kind of storytelling. Real, honest, true, and classic. Do you have a reason you love black and whites that we didn’t mention? Or which reason is your favorite? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Also, if you’re wondering what you should wear in your family portraits we created a super helpful guide for that down below! Just enter your information and you’ll have it in a jiffy!



I remember the day like yesterday, Jill got the phone call from Jesse. He was calling to ask if he could do anything to help. Lot’s of friends had called us saying the same thing but, honestly, it was so fresh we didn’t even know what help we needed. Dad had just been diagnosed with a rare cancer we hardly knew a thing about. The doctor in Savannah told us to “Google it.” Looking back he was just being honest, himself. He had know idea, either, and I guess it’s the best thing he could muster up at the time. So we did just that. We googled. and googled. and googled. Until we found a doctor in Tampa who had pioneered the only drug known on the market to help with symptoms of the cancer.

Savannah family photography

It was then we needed help. Dad had been receiving the drug at the hospital for a few months but it was long wait times and they kept repeating MRI scans that had literally just been done in Tampa. We were frustrated beyond belief. It was then Dr. Jesse Scott called. Mom jokingly asked “Well, could you give him his drug every month?” What he said next was one of the best things that happened through our journey, “Yeah, let me look into that.” And so he did. The drug company for his injection flew down a representative to teach Jesse’s staff how to properly give the drug just for my dad. We were feeling pretty special at that point. At a time when medical bills were exceedingly overwhelming and great, this family swooped in and offered where they knew they could help. True friends and true servant hearts.

savannah family photographyfamily photographer savannah

On the way up to Nowhere-ville, (seriously but oh so pretty) Jill and I were discussing how many years we’ve known the Scott family. Jill photographed Jesse and April’s wedding almost 18 years ago. That is a whole lot of time. Those precious souls trusted us when we were just babies in the industry. And of course, as each of their own babies were born we photographed all four of them. Sometimes it’s hard not to get emotional thinking back on that time in our lives as a family business. People like the Scott’s surrounded us with so much love, so much support, and so much help. So I’m sorry Scott’s if we choked up a little while watching your slideshow with you this time. You mean the world to us.

Children photographer in savannah, gafamily photographer in savannah, gafamily photographs in claxton, gadr. jesse scott family in claxton, ga

Not to mention are they the cutest family or what?!?