Family Portraits

We get it. Family portraits can be a daunting task. Dad is less than thrilled about taking family pictures, the kids didn’t nap (or woke up cranky), and you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to wear. We’ve been there, got that t-shirt. Maybe daunting was an understatement? However, if your like us, moms ourselves, we know you can feel those moments slipping ever so quietly away. Every time you rock that little chubby legged boy to bed, you wonder if this will be the last time. You can feel it all slipping through your fingers. You celebrate that first birthday only to wake up to find him a high school senior the next day.

And maybe this is quite cliche’ to say but can we just all agree that those moments all go away entirely too quickly? The best part of family wall portraits is that we can keep a little of that with us, forever. And forever keeping those moments and details we swore we would never ever forget. We know everyday isn’t a magical fairy tale of rainbows and puppy dog tails, but what we do know is that when all those days add up together and we look back on them, it was a pretty good beautiful run.

The best part of working with SFAP is we make this process of taking family portraits as easy (and as painless for Dad) as it can be. Learn how we work in 4 easy steps here.

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