savannah newborn photography

 S A V A N N A H  N E W B O R N  P H O T O G R A P H Y

Photographed at the most fleeting of times, we photograph the sleepy baby. The still womb like child. The delicate and the new. The innocent and the pure. Photographed ideally between 7 and 14 days new.

Newborns are one of our favorite subjects. We love the simplicity of the beauty. Bare skin. Heirloom bonnets. Silver cups. Soft blankets. Cream, blue, and pink. We believe in portraits that are timeless. classic. and simplistic. We believe in wall worthy portraits not able to date themselves. You won’t find us with bright colors or lots of props because we believe that a baby is simply the most beautiful miracle to life there is. And it’s beauty need not a thing more.

The best time to give us a call to schedule your Savannah newborn photography session is while you are still pregnant and in your second trimester of pregnancy. We will pencil in a date for our Rincon, GA studio about a week after your due date. If your baby comes early (or late), no worries, just give us a ring so we can reschedule if needed. However, if you have already had your baby and are wishing to schedule a newborn session (and have not had it penciled in) it very important to give us a call as soon as you can.  A fresh newborn baby is sleepy and is still able to be curled just like it was in the womb. Although we photograph all babies, older babies tend to be harder to settle and relax during the session. There are always exceptions, and of course, we always produce beautiful images of your session. To schedule your Savannah newborn photography session please call us at 912.826.4447. To know more about our sessions please visit our How it Works page.