The Artists

This is our passion. Our love. Our heart. We’re artists and mother and daughter. And for us it’s more than just pictures. This is our dream. And each every client is unique, precious, and wonderful. In 2013, almost 17 years after this business was created we decided it was high time we wrote down what we really believe. This is a list of our foundations and our heavy burdens. We hope you find it inspiring and we hope you see a glimpse into the hearts of why we even exist.


1. ToPhotographers of Shuman Fine Art Photography, Jill Shuman (right) and Jillane Tucker (left)build emotional connections. Be compassionate, caring, and authentic.

– Here at SFAP we put a lot of emphasis on building relationships because we’re not only a team but a family. Loving others is essential and runs deep within our hearts. We aim to embrace, celebrate, delight, weep, and find joy with each and every client. This is indeed where we find much fulfillment. We love people. And we love to be the ear when needed for times you’re overwhelmed with kiddos who refuse to take naps any longer, or when you realize 30 minutes into your car ride your child walked out of the house not remembering any shoes, or when they struggle in school, or even when they made the honor roll.

2. We believe that every story is worth celebrating.

– In the book of Psalms, David, declares that, “This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” At SFAP we believe that every day is worth rejoicing. No matter the circumstances there is always something worth noting. worth capturing. worth remembering. worth celebrating. we hope to unearth the beauty in every life and in every day. We believe that despite our sometimes own inabilities to see the good…there is so so much good and so much to revel in.

3. Create Fine Art with every ounce of pretty we can find.

– SFAP was started with a love affair of all things pretty. It makes us happy…really happy. We want our clients to feel the beating heart in their own images. Fine art describes visionary pieces. Pieces that speak on their own. Pieces that tell a magnificent story about how beautiful their life really is. Afterall, we believe that you were created in God’s own image and there is simply nothing more grand than that.

4. Be Humble.

– While we celebrate our own individual and company successes, we are not conceited or arrogant, but rather we take a modest, ordinary, simple, and respectful approach. We like our character to speak for itself.

5. Deliver Fine Craftsmanship.

– If there’s one thing we know it’s the quality of a lasting portrait. We don’t believe in images sitting in a draw on a disc. We believe in enjoying our images through wall collections, prints, and albums. Images are to be shared and adored for many, many, years to come. They are to be heirlooms, memories, and reflections of a once past time. This means that every piece that goes out our doors is meant to last for 75+ years. We want these pieces to tell the stories of your child or your family for generations to come.

We can’t wait to meet you. Jill Shuman and Jillane Tucker

In November 2014, Jill welcomed her first grandson, and Jillane welcomed her first son, Woods Alexander.

It’s such a joy to be able to work with him everyday!